Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Zeineb Chelly. I am a lecturer at the department of Computer Science, Institut supèrieur de Gestion de Tunis, Tunisia, and a member of the Laboratory of Operations Research, Decision and Control of Processes (LARODEC).

I have received my Ph.D. from the University of Tunis in 2014; dealing with new evolutionary algorithms under imprecision and uncertainty.  My research papers have been published in refereed international conferences and journals.

The story began when I met Pr. Juan Julián Merelo Guervós ! and for short, we call him JJ 🙂 I met him in several conferences and had talks with him about how we can fuse our works together in order to solve specific research problems. When the time came, the Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories (GENIL) called for funded projects. GENIL is a high-competitive project of the University of Granada (UGR) funded by the Campus of International Excellence BioTic GRANADA. JJ and I have prepared the project proposal and fortunately we got acceptance!

Last month, on the 02nd of February, I had the honour of visiting Granada in order to start the cooperation with JJ and his team; the GeNeura team. I was very impressed with how welcoming they were! And I am very grateful! They took care of…. EVERYTHING! Prepared everything in advance and all what I had to do is to sign some papers! Everything was well organized; they picked up a nice hotel for me, at the heart of the beautiful Granada, explained me how to get to UGR and prepared an office for me.  Everything was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G …

(By the way, the hotel was in a main shopping street! I was lucky! You know how girls are in love with shopping :D)

During my stay, which was for 15 days, JJ, his team and I had several meetings which proved to be fruitful and very constructive. I have many discussions with Antonio Mora and the kindest lady; Paloma de las Cuevas! We could discern some other research problems and proposed several solutions based on what I use as machine learning techniques. We stared working on them and got interesting results!

I really appreciated the team’s proficiency; it made the collaboration all the more worthwhile. We are, now, all looking forward for further cooperation that we hope will profit all parties.

Below, you can find my picture where I was given a talk at UGR about classification in imprecise frameworks 🙂

 Featured image

I have to say that I had the pleasure of meeting these extraordinary people who charmed me with their hospitality and willingness to help; the GeNeura team! Pablo, Antonio and A. Fdez. Ares  who are very kind! I spent most of the time with Paloma; she is really nice and very kind as well! We are now very good friends! All of us!  Ah!! By the way she is making LOVELY cupcakes!! The most delicious ones I have ever tasted!! And she gave me the recipe, yessss ! And guess what!! Once back to Tunisia, to my sweet home, I have tried to make the cupcakes by my own following her guidelines and I succeeded! Below is a picture of my cupcakes ! They look yummy, right? 😀

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JJ invited me for dinner with his very welcoming family! They were all kind and we have a very nice time J and of course, we took a selfie!

And to mix business with pleasure, in weekends, I had the opportunity to visit the city with the team, or let me say with my friends.  They showed me around the city and ate together tasty tapas. They did their best to make my stay all the more enjoyable as they organised trips for me to discover the beautiful town of Granada. The warm welcome I received and the breath-taking sights I visited made my stay unforgettable.

And, here, we are 🙂

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Taking a beautiful picture in front of Alhambra! Yeah! Sure I have visited it and loved it! It is impossible to miss such a chance; such a beauty 😉

At the end, I would definitely recommend cooperating with GeNeura; not only because they are very professional but also because they are very welcoming people.  As I have mentioned, we are, now, all looking forward for further cooperation and that will be definitely another chance for me to be within the team again 🙂

Many thanks to BioTic GRANADA and to GeNeura! Hope seeing you soon !